AirKUSH Bong Bags: Could this be the most advanced bong bag made?

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In a world where innovation knows no bounds, the AirKUSH Bong Bag has emerged as a game-changer for enthusiasts seeking the perfect blend of protection and style.  Kanda, lead designer for AirKUSH, spent the past 3 years perfecting his design saying, “I set out to make a purposeful, well designed and functional glassware bag after seeing people wrap their bongs in towels.”   By utilizing our patented air pressurized chambers and robust, water-resistant eco-friendly PVC material, this remarkable bag offers unbeatable drop protection that surpasses even the rigorous military drop test – in fact a 3 story drop test captured on video clearly proves this is a serious contender. Designed with the needs of paddleboarders, hikers, adventurers, music festival attendees, boaters, surfers, skaters and beach partygoers in mind, the AirKUSH Bong Bag provides a safe and trendy way to transport your favorite bong or bottle to any scene.


Unparalleled Drop Protection:


One of the most impressive aspects of the AirKUSH Bong Bag is its ability to provide unparaAirkush Pump Technology lleled drop protection. Through the clever integration of air pressurized chambers, this bag goes above and beyond traditional carrying cases. Regardless of the terrain or situation, users can rest assured that their beloved bong or bottle will remain intact and secure. The bag's construction has been rigorously tested and surpassed the standards set by the military drop test, offering peace of mind like no other.


Robust and Eco-Friendly Material:


In addition to its exceptional protective capabilities, the AirKUSH Bong Bag takes pride in its use of robust, water-resistant PVC material. This eco-friendly choice ensures that the bag withstands the demands of outdoor activities while minimizing its impact on the environment. By embracing sustainability, the AirKUSH Bong Bag sets a new standard for responsible product design, catering to conscious consumers who value both quality and environmental stewardship.


Versatility and Style:

The AirKUSH Bong Bag is more than just a protective case—it's a fashion statement. With its vibrant array of bold and colorful patterns, this bag allows users to express their individuality and sense of style.AIrkush black bong Whether you're a fan of subtle elegance or vibrant bursts of color, there is a design to suit every taste. The lightweight construction of the bag ensures easy portability without sacrificing durability, making it the perfect companion for any adventure.


Designed for Adventurers:

The AirKUSH Bong Bag has been specifically crafted to cater to the needs of adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts. Paddleboarders can now confidently bring their favorite bongs or bottles on their watery excursions, knowing that their prized possessions are safe from accidental drops or water damage. Hikers can explore rugged terrains without worrying about damaging their valuable smoking accessories. Music festival attendees and beach partygoers can now travel in style, ensuring that their bongs or bottles remain secure while they enjoy the festivities.




In the world of smoking accessories, the AirKUSH Bong Bag stands out as a remarkable innovation that combines unbeatable drop protection, eco-friendly materials, and stylish design. By introducing air pressurized chambers and robust PVC construction, this bag takes safety to new heights, surpassing even military drop test standards. Its lightweight, floatable nature, and wide range of patterns make it the perfect companion for paddleboarders, hikers, adventurers, music festival attendees, and beach parties. With the AirKUSH Bong Bag, you can now transport your favorite bong or bottle to any scene in a safe, trendy, and cool manner. Elevate your style and protect your investment with the AirKUSH Bong Bag—the ultimate accessory for the modern smoker.

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AirKUSH is owned by Armoured Labs Protection, Inc – a Canadian Owned Corporation servicing the Surf, Snow and 420 Industry.

AirKUSH is planning a Kickstarter pre-launch in June 2023. ETA is expected by September 2023. Register your interest by going to:

IG @armoured_labs_protection

YT @armouredlabssurfsnow420





Written by Kanda Rabanna

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