Armoured Labs Protection, Inc. supports leading sports personalities

Armoured Labs Protection, Inc. supports leading sports personalities

Supporting the Sports Personalities that Make the Industry Great

Kamloops, BC Canada: Today, Armoured Labs Protection, Inc. a company specializing in protecting board sporting products and glassware in the Snow, Surf and 420 industry, announced that they have attracted leading professional athletes in snow and water sports.

Of the company’s new relationships with professional athletes , Armoured Labs Director Kanda James said, “The use of SiO2 ceramic coatings is not only reserved for the aerospace, aviation and automotive industries, it’s well suited for the Board sports industry where we have attracted a growing number of professional athletes who have tested and now use our marine grade ultra-hydrophobic coatings. We’ve attracted riders and niche board sports manufacturers who are looking for useful products that not only provide protection against UV, scratches, and grim, but also for achieving better performance on their paddleboards, hydrofoils, skimboards, wings, kites and snowskates. Ultra hydrophobic coatings have been used in the marine industry for many years allowing for boats & vessels to have better fuel milage, speed and protection against UV damage and salt water corrosion and it was a no brainer for us to create a marketable formula for both the water and snow board sports industry”.

The growing list of professional riders and board sports manufacturers includes:

  • Austin Tovey (hydrofoil)
  • Paul Cooper (founder of OnebyOne Boards)
  • Harfang Snowskates
  • Sam Pow (snowskater)
  • Logan P Davidson (skimboarder)

This growing list has helped Armoured Labs strike a deal with a leading USA manufacturer / distributor of skimboards, Origin Distribution, Inc. who have ‘DB Skimboards’ under their umbrella, out of Washington USA. This will allow their marine grade ‘Surf’ coating to be placed into sporting retailers across North America.

Kanda James said, “People who buy surf related products want their equipment to last longer and perform better, from sunglass lenses protection to board care. Armoured Labs Surf coatings do this very thing”.

Armoured Labs Protection, Inc.: Armoured Labs is founded by Kanda James in 2019 originally as a glassware protection company, Armoured Labs now creates protective products for the Snow, Surf and 420 industry.

Written by Richard Brown

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