Armoured Labs supports Learn to Snowskate at Sun Peaks resort, BC, Canada with FeiBoard Sports

Armoured Labs supports Learn to Snowskate at Sun Peaks resort, BC, Canada with FeiBoard Sports

On December 11-13th Armoured Labs joined FeiBoardSports at Sun Peaks resort, BC, Canada to support their demo day of how-to use a Snowskate.

Members of the public that attended had their boards and goggles coated with Armoured Labs SNOW, an eco-friendly nano coating wax substitute for the base of boards and goggles. Those that got the opportunity to experience the Armoured Labs new coating were amazed by the product performance.

The event even had local athlete & real-estate professional Shalon Clarke test our coating on her beloved cross-country skis during a 16km up the mountain excursion. Shalon said

I just tried this stuff on my cross country skis and I did 16km each day for the last couple of days in back country. Worked great and I definitely recommend it!

Armoured Labs coated attendees goggles, snowskates and kids downhill toys during the event. Co-founder Kanda James, of Armoured Labs Protection Inc, attended and applied the quick Spray N' Go coating to boards and goggles saying “the event was excellent, people got to learn more about Armoured Labs and learn some new moves on their boards, it’s really exciting to see the level of support for Snowskating and new technologies like our product for the industry”.


About Armoured Labs Protection Inc

Founded by Kanda James 2019 originally as glassware protection company has since diversified into the sporting & lifestyle verticals. Kanda, co-founder of a niche Boardsports company called FEI Boardsports, in Kamloops, is described as creative problem solver, athlete and artist. The company is also preparing to launch a world first bong / bottle bag that is set to challenge the ‘military drop test’ in Q2 of 2022.  IG: @armoured_labs_protection

Written by Richard Brown
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