Kamloops company develops protective coating for ski equipment, paddleboards

A Kamloops company has launched an eco-friendly coating aiming to protect residents’ sports gear.

Kanda Kelsey James, co-founder of Armoured Labs in Kamloops, said they’ve developed a wax substitute that isn’t harmful to the environment that can be applied to the base of skis, snowboards, goggles and paddleboards to protect the gear from scratches and UV rays.

“It’s basically a second skin of really strong materials that get places over plastic or glass,” he said, adding that they’re targeting the snow-skating industry.

The product is made with silica dioxide, nano-particles that are broken down into a base that fill microscopic gaps in the bottom of skis, snowboards, etc., he said.

Armoured Labs was already selling the product in commercial retailers in the U.S. and in Canada for the last three months but COVID-19 has disrupted the distribution chain and supply, he said.

They formed the company three years ago and created a similar protective product for glass bongs, but they went back to the drawing board since the pandemic. A similar technology is also used to protect phone screens, he said.

They’ve been testing the spray for the last two years and they’re hoping to release the world’s first bag that will protect wines bottles or bongs from drops of up to 10 feet next month, he said.

“We’ve got some really cool stuff… so these are some of the things that Armoured Labs does, protecting the things that are fun,” he said.

Written by Richard Brown
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