Reviewed by Liquid Athlete, California

Our latest review of Armoured Labs SURF from Trent Bender of Liquid Athlete in California. Liquid Athlete is a lifestyle for everyone that loves being on the water. 

Trying out a new product from Armoured Labs Surf, Snow & 420, the perfect cleaner and protection for your iSUP. I've been using the Liquid Athlete iSUP board and wanted to protect it from the elements. From sun damage to the salt that can get caked on the board. With giving Armoured Labs Surf a test it definitely helped out. It's super easy to use just spray on rub in and walk away, no waxing. Have noticed the board stays a lot cleaner, no more salt sticking to the board and it keeps a shine. I don't think I will have to worry about the board fading and losing its color. For the performance it does feel better but hell it's a iSUP not going to improve that much. Going to use it on other boards to see if the performance level changes. Will say if you paddle iSUPs this is a great product to apply. Did use it on my snowboard and yes it works amazing! The board was faster and I felt I had better control of the board. Thanks Armoured Labs for making great products!

Thanks for the review Trent! 

Written by Richard Brown

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