Frequently Asked Questions

What surfaces can I use Armoured Labs SURF on? 

Armoured Labs SURF is designed for Paddleboards, Inflatables, Surfboards, Skim Boards, Foil Boards, Foils, Inflatable Wings and Sails, and sunglasses.


What surfaces can I use Armoured Labs SNOW on?  

Armoured Labs SNOW is designed for SnowSkates, Snowboards, Splitboards, Skis, Snowmobiles or Toys used in downhill winter sports, and goggles.


How long will Armoured Labs SURF or SNOW last? 

For Armoured Labs SURF, your nano-coating will last 6+ months before reapplication is required. For Armoured Labs SNOW, your nano-coating will last an avg. of 4-12 sessions before reapplication is required, depending on how hard you shred!


When do I need to re-apply Armoured Labs SURF of SNOW? 

Re-apply as required. It depends on how hard you shred! 


How long do I need to wait until I use the surface I applied it to?

Wait 4 hours from when you applied the nano coating.


Do I need to strip the wax from my snow equipment before applying  Armoured Labs SNOW?

Yes. Ensure surfaces are clean and free of debris. Remove all traces of previous coatings such as Wax. Ensure your surface is dry before applying the nano-coating.


Can I apply Armoured Labs SNOW in cold weather? 

For best results, Armoured Labs SNOW should be applied indoors, between 50°F - 77°F (10°C - 25°C). 


When will my order ship? 

We aim to process orders within 24hrs of receiving and they typically ship same or next business day.