How it Works

The latest in protective enhancing coatings. Our technology is well known across multiple industries and already proven technology used for decades. Continued research and development has enabled improvements to formulas and use across a variety of new business sectors including board sports! 

Our formula uses Silicon Dioxide (SiO2). Silicon Dioxide is most commonly found in nature as quartz. Advancements in formulas has seen this technology used for ceramic coatings at the Nano level. Over time, such advancements has seen this technology get smaller and have stronger bonding effects allowing for use across a wider variety of surfaces and therefore creating new ways of being used for protection and performance. 

We're all about keeping it green and our formulas are 100% eco friendly and non-toxic meaning you can be assured you're using products that are kind to our planet. 


What is a Nano Coating?

The term Nano is used in many product names and simply refers to the size. It is derived from the Greek νᾶνος (Latin nanus), meaning "dwarf". When used in a prefix for something other than a unit of measure, nano means "on a scale of nanometres". 


A Layer of Protection & Enhancement 

Applying our formulas to your desired sporting surfaces provides them with a protective layer, a second skin if you will which makes the surfaces ultra hydrophobic, water and dirt repellent, increases resistance against UV Fade, scratches and abrasions, whilst also enhancing your performance.