Introducing Armoured Labs™ AIRKUSH

Armoured Labs™ AIRKUSH has been tested in 8ft drop tests ensuring it's capable of supporting bongs and bottles in accidental situations. AIRKUSH has a uniquely designed Triple Defense Protection including glass hugging air pocket support to keep precious cargo safe.

Armoured Labs B-Bag for Bong and Bottle Protection

Triple Defense Protection

AIRKUSH has been specifically designed with a removable airbladder to provide the ultimate impact defense. Made up of an exterior durable canvas outer and nylon interior lining, reinforced padding on base base and top, combined with the uniquely designed airbladder creating the Triple Defense Protection.

Protect From Knocks And Accidental Drops

AIRKUSH has been relentlessly drop tested from heights of 8ft. We've dropped and thrown our bags to prove just how well they work. Holding glassware up to 14" or 1L bottle, it's sure to keep your precious cargo safe.

Armoured Labs B-Bag for Bong and Bottle Protection

Built for Comfort and Style

A detachable shoulder strap is made for effortless transport on your adventures. There's an inner stash pocket to keep all those little extras. AIRKUSH is available in the latest colors and patterns trending in todays fashion.

Leopard. Zebra. Black. Pink.

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