The highest quality materials Made in the USA. 

Across our group of companies, we have a shared passion for the outdoors, we strive to reach for our best and get the advantage where it counts. Riding boards, in water or snow, using wings, foils and more - we live for the thrill! 

"Our formulas are 100% eco-friendly and produced by local companies"

Between our team, we have spent tens of thousands on various board sports and have personally experienced frustrations from UV fade, scratches over surfaces, to slowness in performance - and quite simply, we just wanted to outdo our friends in sports! This is what drove us to create a solution in the market that can offer protection and performance enhancing properties. 

When only the best will do. 

What we developed was a Marine Grade Ceramic Nano Coating with a superior ultra-hydrophobic and protective coating properties. These unique attributes mean your equipment becomes UV & Scratch Resistant improving equipment longevity and improves performance, depending on your sport this could be fast take offs, speed, reduced drag and suction, plus much more. 

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