FS-X1 mini

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Armoured Labs™ FS-X1 mini is designed to give you an ultra realistic feeling of the many various board sports to take you to your next level in advanced riding skills using Energy Potential Elasticity "EPE".

Armoured Labs™ FS-X1 mini uses a heavy duty, 360°  spring mechanism system. Awaken your inner board riding spirit by developing the necessary muscle movements for spins, balance and endurance. Have the freedom to practice new maneuvers from the comfort of your home. Train, strengthen, have fun, be in prime condition off season.

Armoured Labs™ FS-X1 mini is suited to sports people of all ages across a variety of board sports including, Snowskaters, Snowboarders, Wakesurfers, Wakeskaters, Surfers, Skimboarders, Paddleboarders or board sports enthusiasts in general.

Be the best you can be with FS-X1 mini.

  • MATERIALS - Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Wood, Bamboo.
  • ROTATION - Full 360 smooth spin to mimic wakesurf, snowboard or other board sports. 
  • RATED LOAD - FS-X1 mini is built tough and has a rated load of up to 160kgs (352lbs)
  • TRAIN - With stable legs, practice spins, weight shifting, tweaks, grabs allowing for relentless progression
  • EASY ASSEMBLEY - Unpack, attach legs and go
  • Rotation
  • Rated load to
  • Train
  • Easy assembley, just unpack, attach legs and go
  • Designed in Canada
  • Aluminium
  • Steel composites
  • Rubber floor grip protectors
  • 9 Ply Canadian Maple Deck
  • Deck grip tape