Water Pipe Protection

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Armoured Labs™ Water Pipe Protection is revolutionary glassware protection using completely invisible Nano-technology. Creating a seamless bond to any glass surface at the Nano level, Armoured Labs™ Water Pipe Protection strengthens your glassware for added durability against scratches and breakages, without changing its appearance.

  • SCRATCH RESISTANT - Greatly enhances the scratch resistance of glass by up to 44% helping to avoid breakages and keep glass pipes and water pipes safe.
  • EASY CLEAN - Increased water and oil resistance means once Armoured Labs™ is applied, the glass surface is more resistant to dirt, resin and becomes easier to clean.
  • INCREASED DURABILITY - creates a 9H protective layer on the glass surface increasing hardness by up to 30% for increased durability. A single application gives up to 2 years protection. 
  • INVISIBLE- Completely transparent and colourless. 
  • NON-TOXIC & ENVIRO-FRIENDLY- Armoured Labs™ is 100% non-toxic and completely environmentally friendly. 
  • EASY APPLICATION - a simple wipe on application rubbing the liquid coating on using an impregnated cloth. Bonding time is quick and complete after 10 minutes.  


  • 100% Non-Toxic & Eco Friendly
  • Forms a ceramic layer of scratch resistance by up to 44%
  • Creates 9H protective layer
  • Ultra-hydrophobic
  • Easy clean
  • Completely invisible
  • Quick easy application
  • Unique formula of Silicon Dioxide