Améliorez, Protégez, Prolongez. C'est ce que nous faisons, les produits Armored Labs sont conçus pour l'industrie SURF, SNOW & 420. Nous avons pour mission de garder l'équipement que nous aimons tous en parfait état.

About Armoured Labs


At Armoured Labs we love being active outdoors. Surf or Snow, no matter the season we're always going hard. We've personally spent loads on sports so know the importance of caring and maintaining for equipment.

Armoured Labs Ceramic Coatings - SURF GUARD & SNOW GO


Our journey started in 2019 when we sought out a way to keep our equipment in pristine condition for as long as possible. If you're like us, you started somewhere, maybe one sport which quickly grows to many, moving from beginner, intermediate, to advanced, and along that journey you may upgrade and sell used equipment. So like us, you want to keep your gear in top condition and looking pro for as long as possible.

Armoured Labs uses Eco Friendly Materials


Durabilité et performance, nous pensons qu'elles vont de pair. La réduction de notre empreinte carbone est une philosophie fondamentale chez Armored Labs, et l'un des principaux facteurs est les matériaux que nous utilisons dans nos protecteurs, simulateurs et sacs. Partout où nous le pouvons, nous utilisons des matériaux recyclables et durables.

Armoured Labs Scalar Board


Being active in surf and snow sports means we're always thinking of the next big thing. We have an amazing product development team with a long list of ideas, they're tried and tested by us and our team riders before we bring them to you. So you can be assured what we create is next level.

Today, we're a go-to brand supporting team riders across a variety of sports and have a range of protectant products for the Surf and Snow industry.