Sometimes we see people selling boards and foils cheap because they are not looked after (as was the case of the Dwarf Craft 4'2"). It had some minor chips and scratches as well as water stains.   

dwarf slingshot foil board

I used acrylic to seal the cracks and then covered the entire board in Surf Guard Ceramic Coatings.   This will help prevent any further dings or scratches plus keep it looking new with an ultra silky glass-like feel. 

Armoured Labs Surf Guard works better than anything else to prevent sand burn on foils, minor scratches, UV fade and water stains. We'd recommend applying a coating at least 2X per season on boards and daily for beach starts.

Surf Guard will not interfere with the performance of your foil negatively other than give you a little more speed. It makes carbon-based foils pop such as with Cloud9, Horue Foils, Axis Foils, Uni-Foils and other brands that utilise a carbon shine. 

Watch video here!

Ecrit par Kanda Rabanna

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