• As a board shop in Canada we are more than happy to use and offer our customers an effective DIY spray coating that helps improve the performance and overall lifespan of the products we sell. -FEI BoardSports
  • I just tried this stuff on my cross country skis and I did 16km each day for the last couple of days in back country. Worked great and I definitely recommend it!
  • I bought this stuff because I'm hard on my equipment and needed something to help protect against UV Fade. I've used ceramic coatings on my cars before. To my surprise the hydrophobic coatings really reduced water stickiness from touch downs and it feels like I can get up foiling quicker with less suction. Highly Recommend!
  • After spending over $4k on new equipment I immediately saw the value in spending an extra $50 to protect my equipment for longer use and resale value. Makes sense to this foil fool :-)
  • At first I was skeptical being a snowskater at Sunpeaks, about a wax substitute but after trying it out I noticed it worked equally as well and only takes seconds to spray on and buff off. Lasts about 4 days of hard riding and hitting rails. Make it last longer!
  • Ruth Brown
  • Shalon Clarke
  • Graham R - WingFoil Nut
  • Josh N
  • Cody S

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