SNOW GO 250ml

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Armoured Labs™ SNOW GO is our Premium Series Ultra Hydrophobic ceramic Nano coating (wax substitute) designed to enhance glide in all temperatures & reduce ice stickiness. It protects and prolongs the life of SnowSkates, Snowboards, Splitboards, Skis or Toys used in downhill winter sports. 

Equipment can be expensive, let Armoured Labs™ help give you the protection and performance you need. Armoured Labs™ SNOW GO is your performance enhancing and protection coating all in one. Features include: 

  • PROTECTION - Forms a flexible yet durable ceramic armour over the surface. 
  • ALL TEMPERATURES - Works in ALL temperatures.
  • ENVIRONMENTAL - 100% Non-Toxic & Eco Friendly formula (Wax substitute). PFC Free (Perfluorocarbons).
  • PERFORMANCE - Ultra Hydrophobic means Slick as Glass on snow. Reduces ice build-up on Top Deck (stomp pads and grip).
  • EASY APPLICATION - Easier and quicker than hot wax. Spray on, wait a few minutes and buff off. Bonds to P-tex, Plastics, Foam and Metals. 
  • AVG. COVERAGE - 1 bottle provides 240sqft surface coverage. 1 x coating will typically last 5 days of snowboarding. (8.45 FLOZ / 250ml)
  • LENS - also for use on goggles providing a scratch resistant and ultra-hydrophobic layer of protection.

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View our 'how-to' application instructions in the media section.

How It Works

Armoured Labs™ Snow Go uses a proprietary Silicon Dioxide (SiO2) formula. Applying Armoured Labs™ Snow Go to your winter sports boards (as a wax replacement) and accessories surfaces provides them with a protective layer, a second skin if you will, which makes the surfaces ultra-hydrophobic, water and dirt repellent, reduces ice build-up on Top Deck (stomp pads and grips), and prevents micro abrasions, whilst also enhancing your performance.