Armoured Labs™ SURF for Paddleboards, Paddleboards, Inflatables, Skim Boards, Foil Boards, Kayaks and Inflatable Wings & Sails.

The ice is gone, the birds are singing, whilst we’re sad to see the ice go and had to pack our snow gear away, we’re pumped to get back into water activities. It’s such as an exciting feeling to start exploring nature in the warm air again and getting extreme while doing it.

Chances are, you’re just like us and you’re preparing your equipment for the season and thinking about which lake or shore front to hit first. This is the time you should also be thinking about protecting your equipment and honing your boards performance so you can be at your best.

Armoured Labs™ SURF is our Premium Series Marine Grade Ceramic Nano Coating designed specifically to protect, prolong the life of, and enhance performance of, Paddleboards, Inflatables, Skim Boards, Foil Boards, Kayaks and Inflatable Wings & Sails.

Our marine grade ceramic nano coating means there is layer of protection, a second skin if you will, to protect against harmful UV rays and provide resistance against scratches. Keep those colors popping and surfaces pristine all season long. But wait, there’s more, a coating of Armoured Labs™ SURF gives you the edge in performance, the ultra-hydrophobic coating means water beads off easier allowing for Fast Take Offs, Reduced Drag and Suction, you’ll definitely notice the difference in speed. And it’s easy to apply! Spray on, wait and then get to shredding! Actually, you need to wait after you’ve applied it, but it really is that easy. Did I mention we care just as much as you about the environment? We do, that’s part of our core business and our products reflect this, our products are 100% non-toxic and eco-friendly.

So as you’re preparing for Spring, protect and enhance your equipment with Armoured Labs™ SURF. 

Enjoy Spring!

Written by Richard Brown

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